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Cancelled: Storytelling concert

18 Mar Posted by in Schedule | Comments
Cancelled: Storytelling concert

Weaver of Dreams, Slayer of Boredom, Entertainer for one and all.Scottish Storyteller Calum Lykan has travelled the world entertaining audiences with his tales from native soil.  A passionate and energetic teller with a style that engages younger audiences, teenagers and adults alike, Calum has told in libraries, schools, community centres, public houses, theatres, festivals and even on the street. Life is breathed into the story with each telling and Calum’s passion for storytelling drives him to take every opportunity to entertain and give the gift of the story.

With the light must come the dark. And Scotland has its fill of both. Calum Lykan will take you on a journey, meandering between the light and the dark side of Scottish tales. Sit back and enjoy stories filled with love and happiness and balanced off by tales with Gruesome and Grisly going-ons. And please feel free to believe Mark Twain when he said “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” If you think it will help.  -Calum Lykan 

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